Deconbrio Deconbrio is an Industrial Rock band from Knoxville, TN - headed by frontman Danny Rendo. Dubbing their style of music as “Aural Sex”, the sound of Deconbrio combines elements of Industrial, Metal, and EBM to create a delicious sound that grabs the listeners’ attention and refuses to let go.

Deconbrio came into in the scene with their debut album, “Obsessions of a False Idol” in 2008 — which has been available as a free download since its release. Shortly after, they were picked up by Bit Riot Records and released the EP “The Vanishing” (2009) and their second full-length “Voyeur” (2012).

In 2014, Deconbrio went independent once more and released “The Art of Violation: Part One” — a 5-track, anger-fueled EP that includes a cover of Gravity Kills’ hit single “Guilty”.

In 2016 Deconbrio released their third full-length album, “Hail to the Lair’s Throne”, through Digital World Audio (DWA).

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